The role of regulation in online currency trading

IM Academy - Are they/their "Affiliates" breaking FINRA regulations on Communications with the Public?

For the uninitiated, IM Academy, formerly iMarketsLive, is an MLM whose scheme centers around a SaaS model for their forex (foreign exchange) trading software. I'm still early in the research, but I think the way they get around the legal definition of a pyramid scheme is by providing referral commissions to their affiliates, who are the ones ultimately posting about their purported 'success' and the opportunities they want to share with their friends and families and doing the recruiting.
Now, perhaps save for the ballsier MLM brands involved in health and wellness products, where running afoul of the FDA is the primary concern (and having worked as someone designing junk mail for a health food/grocery store [the owner of which was decidedly ANTI MLM, thank apollo] for a decade, I can tell you that the magic "These statements have not been endorsed by the FDA. These products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease." is almost an impervious shield, if you're not a total sketchman and literally saying those things in the ad copy for the product), the SEC and the FTC are the regulatory bodies at play; and FINRA, I believe, is the US regulatory body overseeing forex, specifically.
I dig economics. I like listening to economics shows. I've heard plenty of ads for forex trading solutions on the radio, and one constant is the inclusion at the end of the ad of a disclaimer saying, more or less, that 'Forex trading carries substantial risk and consumers should not trade more than what they can afford to lose', or something along those lines. Of course, the folks peddling IM Academy on facebook are just posting about the opportunity to make money trading forex.
That got me thinking -- if the company is paying these guys commissions on referrals for the software, they are effectively communicating to the public. FINRA has some very specific guidelines on this (emphasis mine):
Communications with the Public
NASD Rule 2210, applicable to all FINRA members, prohibits firms from making any false, exaggerated, unwarranted or misleading statement or claim in any communication with the public. Rule 2210 is not limited to a broker-dealer's securities and investment banking business. A firm's forex-related communications—whether the firm is acting as a dealer or is soliciting forex business for a dealer—must be fair and balanced and based on principles of fair dealing and good faith, and firms must provide a sound basis for evaluating the facts regarding both the forex market generally, as well as the customers' specific transactions. These obligations may not be waived or met by disclaimer.
New FINRA member firms that engage in forex-related activities must file their advertisements with FINRA. Rule 2210 requires any firm that has not previously filed advertisements with FINRA to file all of its advertisements at least 10 days prior to first use; this filing requirement continues for one year from the first submission. Rule 2210's internal approval, filing requirements and recording-keeping provisions also apply to forex-related communications. The rule requires that a registered principal give written approval of all advertisements and sales literature prior to use.
Rule 2210 prohibits predictions or projections of performance, or the implication that past performance will recur. Communications used by firms in connection with retail forex activities may not tout future returns. The rule prohibits the omission of material facts or qualifications that would cause a communication to be misleading. Accordingly, firms' communications must adequately disclose the risks associated with forex trading, including the risks of highly leveraged trading. Firms must also make sure that their communications with the public are not misleading regarding, among other things:
Am I onto something here? Even if IM Academy seems to skirt around the traditional definition of a pyramid scheme, their affiliates are breaking the regulations the company, at least, is obligated to adhere to.
This IM Academy scheme specifically seems particularly predatory. I can see a vast gulf between being out a few hundred bucks on shitty inventory you'll never push and forex leverages, which can sometimes mean you lose more than you put in.
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